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Aging With Dignity: Interviews with Elder Care Providers

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Aging with Dignity: Innovation and Challenge in Sweden – The Voice of Care Professionals is available to download for free now, or to order in hard copy or in ebook form on Amazon. Read the full interviews and reports on long term care on which the book is based:

Patient Centered Swedish Healthcare: An English summary of the Swedish Forum for Welfare report

The Most Fragile Elderly Project: An interview with Maj Rom

The Most Fragile Elderly Project: An interview with Dr. Eva Nilsson Bågenholm, National Coordinator for Elder Care

Coordinating Care for the Elderly: An interview with Carina Kumlin and Pia Lagerström

Elder Care Entrepreneurship: An interview with Stéphanie Treschow

Government Efforts to Improve Long Term Care: An interview with Erik Weiman

Integrated Elder Care: A five part case study on the TioHundra care company (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five).

Mobile and Home Based Care: A case study on the Lidköping close care system

Mobile and Home Based Care: A case study on the mobile emergency team in Uppsala

eHealth Technologies and the Future of Healthcare: An interview with Henrik Ahlen

Technology for the Elderly: An interview with Raymond Dahlberg

How Technology is Revolutionizing Homecare in SwedenAn interview with eHomecare manager Åsa Löwing

New Technologies An interview with Magdalena Marklund

Technology for the Elderly: A Swedish focus group study

Is the Use of Welfare Technology Profitable? A lecture from Åke Dahlberg

Technology and eHealth: A case study on the Estonian eHealth and eGovernance system

Digitizing a Nation: An interview with Patrik Sundström

A Palliative Approach to Dementia Care: An interview with Lotta Roupe on Stiftelsen Silviahemmet

Improving Dementia Care and Care of the Elderly: An interview with Linda Martinson on Aleris

Telecare Technology: An interview with Markus Merne and Everon

upporting Relatives and Informal Caregivers: An interview with Christianne Simson

In the Name of the Law: A lecture by Jeanna Thorslund

Anna Dirksen

Anna Dirksen

Anna Dirksen is Director of Communications at ACCESS Health International and leads the global communications strategy for the organization.

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We are no longer active in Aging With Dignity: Interviews with Elder Care Providers. Projects and resources are available in the archive.