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Corporatizing Public Hospitals in the Philippines

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The ACCESS Health team in the Philippines is finalizing the first phase of its nationwide study mapping the status of corporatizing public hospitals. ACCESS Health has worked with the Department of Health to identify public hospitals that have initiated or fully implemented corporatization reforms. The second phase of the study will evaluate the impact of corporatization on the efficiency, equity and quality of services of care in the public hospitals.

Last year the government in the Philippines proposed a reform to federalize the country. The federalization will lead to increased autonomy for the seventeen provinces in the country. The work of ACCESS Health will inform both national and local government to strengthen the hospitals management structures in a effort to help the local government in the provinces to provide better access to high quality and affordable services of care. For more information, please contact Vera Siesjo.

Vera Siesjö

Vera Siesjö

Vera Siesjö is an advisor for our work in the Philippines and the former country director for the program.

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  1. Avatar Andre Ryan B. Maceda on May 8, 2017 at 1:55 am

    Good day, Ms. Siesjo!

    Regarding the subject matter, I would just like to inquire if the ACCESS Health Team holds any data regarding public hospitals within Metro Manila (National Capital Region-Philippines) who are engaged on such corporatization reforms. Thank you!

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We are no longer active in Corporatizing Public Hospitals in the Philippines. Projects and resources are available in the archive.