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India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States are among the top 20 countries with the greatest number of mobile phones in use.
ACCESS Health works to increase access to affordable health technologies that improve the quality of healthcare services and the functioning of health financing systems.

Health technology is revolutionizing the way healthcare is perceived and practiced in the Philippines. The country has one of the highest mobile phone usage rates in the world, and mobile use has significantly increased in rural areas. Because of its unique geography and robust technology sector, the Philippines should be able to lead the way in information and communications technology for health. ACCESS Health Philippines helps scale promising health technology pilot projects that bridge barriers to achieving universal health coverage, such as geographic fragmentation and lack of reliable health information.


  • Center for Health Market Innovations Learning Exchange

    Center for Health Market Innovations Learning Exchange

    The Learning Exchange provides funding to facilitate structured learning partnerships between or among organizations that are profiled by the Center for Health Market Innovations. The Learning Exchange will help programs improve business practices, adopt innovations, or scale up or replicate an aspect of their model to a new market.

  • Joint Learning Fund

    Joint Learning Fund

    The Joint Learning Network established the Joint Learning Fund to support the ability of Network members to learn from each other on a range of topics, including expanded coverage, information technology, primary healthcare, provider payments, and quality improvement. Member countries use the Joint Learning Fund to support study tours, workshops, and exchange of personnel to learn from universal health coverage reform strategies that have been successful in other countries.

  • Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage

    Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage

    The Joint Learning Network brings together low and middle income countries in Africa and Asia to share experiences, challenges, and insights drawn from their efforts to achieve universal health coverage.

  • Joint Learning: Experiences from Knowledge Sharing Toward Universal Health Coverage

    Joint Learning: Experiences from Knowledge Sharing Toward Universal Health Coverage

    This book will share our experiences with the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage, a program that brings together countries to share their experiences – their challenges and their successes – working toward universal health coverage. It is scheduled for completion by December 2014.

  • Pinoy Health Innovations Project

    Pinoy Health Innovations Project

    ACCESS Health established the Pinoy Health Innovations Project in the Philippines. The project brings together healthcare providers, customers, and technology experts to explore some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare in the Philippines and to develop innovative technology solutions.

  • The e-AKaP Project

    The e-AKaP Project

    The e-AKaP Project trains and equips frontline community health workers in the Philippines with tablets and a mobile application. The project helps workers to monitor and communicate important information to expectant mothers and families. e-AKaP is a Tagalog acronym that stands for “e-Action for Universal Health.”

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ACCESS Health Sweden studies eHealth technologies in Northern Europe. In this effort, we study the information infrastructure that underpins the healthcare systems. We study the design, history, context, and application of eHealth. eHealth is a term that encompasses a range of software applications in healthcare, such as patient record systems, prescription databases, and image exchanges. The ACCESS Health team has chosen to study the Estonian eHealth and eGovernance systems. Estonia has invested heavily since the early 1990s in building its eHealth infrastructure.

In Sweden, we study the Swedish eHealth system and the newly established eHealth Department, a new branch of the Swedish government. We also look at how regional healthcare systems apply national standards and implement eHealth services.

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  • Elder Care Case Studies

    Elder Care Case Studies

    ACCESS Health studies the Swedish elder care system from different angles. Our team interviews regional directors of healthcare, national and local politicians, policy experts, doctors, nurses, assistant nurses, and a range of other healthcare professionals in an effort to identify areas for improvement and strengths of the Swedish elder care system.

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ACCESS Health China Launch Bright Start Project with J.P. Morgan and Non-Profit Incubator

On April 23, J.P. Morgan, Non-Profit Incubator, and ACCESS Health China launched the Bright Start Project in Shanghai. More than sixty undergraduate students and twenty mentors participated in the opening ceremony. As part of the event, students attended a series of lectures on the digital health industry followed by a discussion on career opportunities in digital health. The students were also invited to participate in a design thinking workshop to learn how to develop a new digital health product using design thinking.Both the director of the Non-Profit Incubator, Zhao Lv, and the...

ACCESS Health India Speaks at Healers of India Awards

ACCESS Health India Country Director Siddhartha Bhattacharya was invited to speak at India’s inaugural Healers of India awards. Created by Network 19 and Apollo Hospitals Group, Healers of India is a groundbreaking initiative created to identify and honor unsung heroes working to ensure better healthcare for India’s rural population. Siddhartha spoke about the role of technology in...

Xinshuo Project Campus Tours

The Xinshuo Project, which is launched as part of a partnership between the Non-Profit Incubator and ACCESS Health China, prepares undergraduate students to enter the health work force by improving their understanding of the digital health industry.In March, the project launched a series of promotional events at universities across Shanghai. These universities included Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, and Shanda University. project prepares...
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Modern Aging: inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to create businesses to serve the needs of the elderly.
We are no longer active in Healthcare Technology. Projects and resources are available in the archive.