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Quality Lead, Safe Care, Saving Lives (Hyderabad)

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Base Location: Hyderabad, Telangana (District: Various; Involves travel within the state)

Experience: Above 8 years (Public health, Quality Improvement)

Compensation: As per the program fitment

Reporting Manager: Program Director

Mentor: Senior Quality Advisor

About ACCESS Health International

ACCESS Health International is a nonprofit think tank and advisory group dedicated to improving access to high quality, affordable healthcare in low, middle, and high income countries. We advise national and regional governments and the private sector on the design and management of healthcare finance and delivery systems. Our team members reside in country. We establish long term relationships within each country to address both national and local healthcare needs. We identify and develop leaders in healthcare in the countries where we work.

Scope of Work

All of the work done by the Quality Lead will be focused within the activities of the Process and Quality Improvement team within the Safe Care Saving, Lives Program at ACCESS Health International.

Key Responsibilities

Play a key role in:

Overall planning, implementation and to provide strategic technical inputs to pilot and 
scale the quality improvement activities within the Safe Care, Saving Lives project.

Analyzing systems and processes to understand workflows, relationships, 
stakeholders and culture to identify opportunities for improvements and key drivers 
for improvement at the participating hospitals within the project.


Oversee that the visit agenda, visit notes and weekly updates are aligned to the project goals and help the project achieve the project goal of scalability, sustainability and efficacy.

Strategize and fulfill the clinical requirements, be it capacity or training gaps, subject knowledge expertise and clinical protocols identified by associate and senior associate and address them with the help of the clinical leads and external experts.

Strategize and help the hospital fulfil the infrastructure, equipment and human resource gaps (better utilization of RKS/HDS, etc.) With the help of associate, senior associate and program manager.

Strategize and craft a visibility and sustainability strategy in the district with the help of senior associate and associate. Lead will be responsible for district engagements including meetings with District Collector, DMHO, DCHS and other stakeholders.

Mentor the Safe Care, Saving Lives Project team in capacity building on Quality Improvement through developing Quality Module, Coaching Guides, and other resources. Develop SOPs for the activities being done under the SCSL program in facilities and between facilities.

Help with the management and monitoring of the improvement measures, performance dashboards, score-cards and checklists that maybe used within the program.

Help the hospitals with the assessment of their activities and provide assistance for quality audits.

Analyze the information/insights from the quality and process improvement collaborative using success stories, blogs, participation in conferences, representing the project in national and international forums, arranging dissemination workshops and identifying other potential avenues and opportunities for knowledge dissemination.

Lead will be responsible for vertical and horizontal scale up of Quality Improvement functions across hospitals

Interact with public, private sector hospitals and government policymakers, and multilateral international agencies to encourage inclusion of quality improvement as a priority in strategy/policy agenda.

To Apply

Please share your resume and cover letter with the title ‘Quality Lead’ mentioned in the subject line. The following email IDs can be used to share the resume: or

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We are no longer active in Quality Lead, Safe Care, Saving Lives (Hyderabad). Projects and resources are available in the archive.