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Fiscal Devolution in India


ACCESS Health International conducted a qualitative study around recent changes in how India’s healthcare system is structured and financed. The study seeks to understand four main issues: the drivers behind the devolution process; what effect it might have on allocation of funds to health; the extent to which states will be accountable to the central…

Alzheimer’s Caregiving: MedicAlert NYC Wanderer’s Safety Program and CaringKind


More than sixty percent of those with dementia will wander. As a result of their cognitive challenges, many will become lost and be unable to ask for help or negotiate their way through traffic and other potentially dangerous situations. The MedicAlert® NYC Wanderer’s Safety Program is designed to locate missing people who are living with…

Coordinated Care for Veterans: An interview with James J. Peters Medical Center


The United States Veterans Health Administration operates one of the largest healthcare systems in the world, with one hundred and fifty two hospitals, eight hundred community clinics, one hundred and twenty six nursing homes, and thirty five domiciliaries. In this interview, Medical Center Director Erik Langhoff, MD, PhD, and Andrea Laurio, Registered Nurse, describe the…

Age in Everything: An interview with Lindsay Goldman, Age-Friendly NYC


Urbanization and the dramatic growth of the older population have driven the age friendly city movement. Fueled by the World Health Organization, cities around the world are maintaining an ‘age in everything’ focus in city policy, planning, and design to create environments that are inclusive and engaging for those of all ages. In this interview,…

CaringKind: The Art of Alzheimer’s Caregiving


In this interview Jed Levine, Executive Vice President and Director of Programs and Services at CaringKind, describes the importance of providing support, training, and education for those living with dementia, their caregivers, and clinicians. He also stresses the importance of person centered palliative care that is designed to serve the preferences, rhythms, and needs of…

Living with Dementia: An interview with Brian LeBlanc


Brian LeBlanc is living with dementia. He dedicates his time to improving the way individuals living with dementia are viewed and treated in their communities and in national policy. In this interview Mr. LeBlanc describes his life living with dementia and his educational and outreach activities.

Person Directed Dementia Living: An interview with Beatitudes Campus


Beatitudes Campus is a life plan community based in Phoenix Arizona. They are recognized for their extensive research of person directed dementia care. The model they designed, Comfort Matters, eliminated all incidences of sundowning, greatly reduced usage of antipsychotic medications, decreased hospitalizations, increased staff satisfaction, decreased staff turnover, and increased family involvement. In this interview, Tena…

Lifelong Living and Learning: An interview with Lasell Village


Lasell Village is a senior living community in Newton, Massachusetts that shares the campus with Lasell College. This unique interface enables residents to participate in college classes and build meaningful intergenerational relationships. In this interview, Lasell Village president and Lasell College vice president, Anne Doyle describes the lifelong learning activities and multigenerational connections that are…

Disrupting Emergency Medicine: An interview with DispatchHealth


Colorado based DispatchHealth is redefining emergency medical care by delivering fully integrated quality care in the home, work, and senior living community settings. In the first six months of 2016, DispatchHealth cared for 478 people; sixty seven percent were with individuals sixty five and older. The health care cost savings from those visits is estimated…

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