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Hospital at Home: An interview with Bruce Leff


Health systems are seeking methods to provide care in the home setting in an effort to lower costs and improve health outcomes. This is especially effective when such care keeps patients out of the hospital. In this interview, Dr. Bruce Leff describes the  Hospital at Home program that provides hospital level care in the home.

Redefining Dementia: An interview with the Dementia Action Alliance


In this interview Jackie and Lon Pinkowitz and Karen Love discuss the mission and activities of the Dementia Action Alliance. The Alliance challenges the stigma of dementia by hosting conversational meetings for those living with dementia and community members. The Alliance maintains a strong advocacy voice for person centered support of those living with dementia…

Palliative Care Everywhere: An interview with Diane E. Meier


With a growing population of older individuals, the need for palliative care has never been more pronounced. The Center to Advance Palliative Care successfully led the call to provide palliative care in hospital settings. Today, the Center is focused on making palliative care available in the home and community. In this interview, the Director of…

Quality Assurance: An interview with Erin Giovannetti and Michael Barr


The Patient Centered Medical Home is a model of primary care that is comprehensive, patient centered, coordinated, and accessible. Patient Centered Medical Home staff works as a coordinated team that integrates health information to produce better health outcomes at a lower cost than traditional care. Medical Home practices prioritize continued efficiency and quality improvement. In…

Delivering the Right Care: An interview with Kristofer Smith


In this interview Dr. Kristofer Smith, describes the house calls program that was developed at Northwell Health Solutions in Long Island New York. The program serves as one of the Independence at Home project sites for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. The demonstration has yielded outcomes of more access to medical care, better…

Supporting the Caregiver: An Interview with Mary Mittelman


In this interview, Mary Mittelman discusses the NYU Caregiver Intervention. The intervention is a program that supports families and informal caregivers who are caring for someone living with dementia. Caregivers who participate in the program reported feeling more supported and experienced fewer symptoms of depression. They were also able to keep their family member at…

Interview with Rebecca Priest, St. John’s


In this interview Rebecca Priest, the Administrator of Skilled Services at St. John’s life plan community, discusses their conversion to the Eden Alternative care culture and their recent addition of a fourth campus that consists of two Green House residences. She also details how they are transforming each floor of the existing long term living…

The AdvantAge Assessment: Using Data to Design Elder Friendly Initiatives


The AdvantAge Initiative survey is a tool for hearing the voices of older adults and understanding the level of age friendliness of an apartment complex, neighborhood, town, or county. The survey reveals areas that are working well in the community and those that need to be addressed to create a more age friendly environment. In…

Redefining Aging for the Twenty First Century


In this interview, Dr. Ruth Finkelstein discusses the need for more options for retirement due to the increased longevity of the growing older population. She also addresses the need to reenvision aging and adult education.

Modern Aging: inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to create businesses to serve the needs of the elderly.
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