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Primary care is a person’s first point of contact with the healthcare system.
ACCESS Health International studies primary care within‬ different settings and helps our partners design, implement, and strengthen‬ efficient and effective primary care systems. This work has been launched in India. We plan to initiate studies in China, Sweden, Singapore, and the United States to understand how primary healthcare systems can be structured to meet the needs of the population. The work in India and China is primary care services for all. The focus in Singapore, Sweden, and the United States is for elderly and chronically ill. Based on these studies, ACCESS Health will work with both public and private providers and payers to design and implement high quality, cost effective primary healthcare programs.

Access to high quality, affordable primary care remains a challenge in much of India. The result is a high burden of disease and high out of pocket expenditures. Recent federal and state government commitments signal increasing support for a stronger primary healthcare system.

ACCESS Health India supports these commitments by studying the healthcare programs and working with individual states to design and implement improvement in primary care.

Featured Projects


  • ACCESS Health Infant Care Improvement Project

    ACCESS Health Infant Care Improvement Project

    The ACCESS Health Infant Care Improvement Project analyzed factors that affect infant care in two Indian states, Bihar and Odisha (Orissa). ACCESS Health worked with the local governments to create a plan for primary care for maternal and infant care based on this work. Several districts in both states have declared an interest in implementing this plan to reduce mother and child mortality.

  • ACCESS Health Primary Care Research Project

    ACCESS Health Primary Care Research Project

    The ACCESS Health Primary Care Research Project reviewed and summarized information on the state of primary care delivery in India and highlighted good practice initiatives. ACCESS Health uses this data to work with both public and private sectors to design effective primary healthcare systems.

  • Center for Health Market Innovations

    Center for Health Market Innovations

    ACCESS Health is one of the organizations that creates content for the Center for Health Market Innovations. The Center is a digital platform that connects healthcare organizations and providers, researchers, and policymakers to learn about innovations that increase access to high quality, affordable healthcare. Most of our studies are of health programs in India, Bangladesh, and Brazil.

  • Center for Health Market Innovations Learning Exchange

    Center for Health Market Innovations Learning Exchange

    The Learning Exchange provides funding to facilitate structured learning partnerships between or among organizations that are profiled by the Center for Health Market Innovations. The Learning Exchange will help programs improve business practices, adopt innovations, or scale up or replicate an aspect of their model to a new market.

  • Joint Learning Fund

    Joint Learning Fund

    The Joint Learning Network established the Joint Learning Fund to support the ability of Network members to learn from each other on a range of topics, including expanded coverage, information technology, primary healthcare, provider payments, and quality improvement. Member countries use the Joint Learning Fund to support study tours, workshops, and exchange of personnel to learn from universal health coverage reform strategies that have been successful in other countries.

  • Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage

    Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage

    The Joint Learning Network brings together low and middle income countries in Africa and Asia to share experiences, challenges, and insights drawn from their efforts to achieve universal health coverage.

  • Joint Learning: Experiences from Knowledge Sharing Toward Universal Health Coverage

    Joint Learning: Experiences from Knowledge Sharing Toward Universal Health Coverage

    This book will share our experiences with the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage, a program that brings together countries to share their experiences – their challenges and their successes – working toward universal health coverage. It is scheduled for completion by December 2014.

  • Primary Care Pilot Program

    Primary Care Pilot Program

    ACCESS Health and the Indian School of Business are working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to design and to assist the development of a transformative primary care program.

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ACCESS Health India Publishes Article on Primary Care Systems for the Future

ACCESS Health India partnered with the Health Systems Transformation Platform, Basic Health Care Services, and the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research to discuss how to design better primary healthcare systems for the future.The India team brought together primary care experts, practitioners, and researchers to design key elements of primary healthcare models for the future. The consultative process was focused on key questions, including how healthcare should be financed and organized, how to assure quality of services, who will provide primary healthcare, and how...

Publication Identifies Improvements in Health Financing for Primary Care

As part of ACCESS Health's work with the Joint Learning Network, ACCESS Health has been helping countries find new opportunities to improve the relationship between health financing and primary healthcare efforts by implementing the Joint Learning Network Universal Health Care - Primary Health Care Self-Assessment Tool.Our most recent effort includes a three day joint workshop in Chennai, India. The first day of the workshop was dedicated to learning from other countries who had already conducted the self assessment. Participants later visited a primary care center in the...

Market Forces in Primary Care Systems

Primary care is the first point of entry for most patients into a health system. This makes primary care an important platform for preventive and promotive efforts, such as nutrition counseling, mothers groups, and outreach for school health. Primary care can also be an important coordination point to address social determinants of health, including clean water and sanitation.In India, primary care tends to be organized around short term interests. The consumer wants to feel better, quickly, and the provider wants to ensure that they see the most number of patients possible. This approach...
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