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Public Private Partnerships Project

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The Public Private Partnerships Project works to establish dialogues and to strengthen collaboration between the public and private healthcare sectors through research, information exchange, and capacity building. Most of our work on public private partnerships is in India.

As governments explore how to expand coverage of healthcare services, many turn to the private sector for help. Public private partnerships offer the possibility to create more efficient healthcare systems by combining the advantages of both the public and private sectors in certain healthcare areas. ACCESS Health India recognizes the need to use the resources of private healthcare to improve healthcare spending and healthcare goals. For this work, we need to understand the current private healthcare market and interactions between the public and private sectors.

We collect and organize information regarding public private partnerships from the literature and from government and private data repositories. We will make this information publicly available.

Our analysis of the data will focus on what makes public partnerships work.

ACCESS Health India will conduct training programs to strengthen the technical know how and improve executive skills necessary to implement public private partnerships.

ACCESS Health and our partners are working closely with state governments to assist their efforts to strengthen the ecosystem for public private collaboration. Our team has begun this work in Rajasthan. We are conducting a detailed assessment to understand the context for private sector engagement in the state. We will take a multifaceted approach. Our work will help highlight major gaps and incorporate learning from successful partnerships, nationally and internationally. We will help establish institutionalized structures for long term action and propose innovative models suitable for implementation in Rajasthan.

The Public Private Partnerships Project is funded by Harnessing Non-State Actors for Better Health for the Poor.

Our partners on this project are the Delhi University Faculty of Management Studies, the Indian School of BusinessMax Healthcare Institute in Mohali, and the World Bank.

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We are no longer active in Public Private Partnerships Project. Projects and resources are available in the archive.