In early 2020, rumors of a new pneumonia-like illness coming from Wuhan, China were just beginning to emerge. COVID-19 has gone on to infect at least thirty five million people worldwide and has killed more than one million.

After a lifetime spent in science, medicine and pursuing better public health, Dr. Haseltine is once again logging eighteen hour days battling a new and still somewhat unknown disease. His opinions on the course of the pandemic are sought regularly by major broadcast news networks and print media. The COVID Commentaries is a collection of Dr. Haseltine’s writings, research and interviews on COVID-19. It is a Living eBook, updated regularly with new information on the disease and our response, as it unfolds.

It is organized into four parts, spread across two volumes. The first contains his published commentaries and social media posts on the outbreak, providing a quick, spur of the moment glimpse into his thinking day to day. The second section includes his interviews with scientists, economists, parents, grandparents and children that have informed his thinking and understanding of the virus and its disease. The third part provides links to his media interviews and mentions in news articles. The final section is a robust assemblage of links to COVID-related news, medical and scientific research papers, webinars and online resources from other organizations.