Consultant – Data Analytics

Consultant – Data Analytics

ACCESS Health International

Full Time
Posted 5 months ago

Job Features

Job CategoryExecutive, Information Technology
Reports ToProgram Manager (NHPS)
No. of Direct ReportsNone


About the Project

The Union Budget of Government of India 2018 announced the National Health Protection Scheme, which is being hailed as the ‘world’s largest healthcare program to provide financial protection’. The scheme aims to assure access to secondary and tertiary insurance coverage to hundreds of millions of families identified using Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC). The benefit package includes Rupees Five Hundred Thousand per family for comprehensive secondary and tertiary care. The government intends to run the scheme through the National Health Agency (NHA) at the central level and State Health Agency (SHA). The scheme encourages the flexibility of the states to implement either through insurance or through a trust/state nodal agency. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoH&FW), along with NITI Aayog and other development partners are working to ensure the rollout support that is required.

ACCESS Health International, intends to provide technical and capacity support to select states to design and roll out the implementation of the National Health Protection Scheme. This includes setting up a platform of experts, practitioners, and advisors, national and international best practices, which can facilitate the process of design and roll out of the scheme. ACCESS Health International is forming a team of expert practitioners; international mentors and national advisors who will assist select states in NHPS roll out.


Job Purpose

Drawing program/project insights from data in a meaningful way from an internal and client perspective.

Main Accountabilities


  • Support the Internal and External IT team in building scope and design for the IT infrastructure and software needed to collect and disseminate data as domain expert.
  • Design the data dashboard for various data points in the scheme like enrolment data, hospitals and providers, empanelment data and claims data at the state level.
  • Develop indicators and Design reports from Monitoring data and other data as desired by State Government.
  • Support in developing capacity Building tools for the team with respect to use of data and indicators. Working on unstructured data, analysing the data sets and preparing regular and insightful descriptive analytics reports which should show key trends
  • Generate and distribute standard reports on schedule using Excel, and other reporting software. Recommend tools(internal and external) to build the capacity of the function further.
  • Produce a range of workable strategies aimed at solving numerous, possibly related issues; Considers the practical concerns regarding the implementation of a range of possible data solutions.
  • Making logical, rational, well-reasoned and defensible judgments from available information. Can extend the underlying rationale to make meaning of and incorporate additional or unforeseen information.
  • Validate raw data quality and  inputs to the state policy makers for transforming the data.
  • Seeing key, high level trends across data sets. Recognizes subtle relationships among multiple issues and identifies potential effects on the overall system or process.
  • Support all stakeholders (Internal and External) in developing monitoring (Active/concurrent/ post facto) and evaluation plan



  • Assist the project/business leads in critical client interactions through data analysis and insights.
  • Use data to identify bottlenecks in project progress and report to all stakeholders.



  • Collaborate with data management team and experts (Internal and External).
  • Maintain strong collaborative relations with the state governments and institutional partners with the State lead.
  • Convene technical discussions related to data management in the State and Centre.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • 8-9 years of progressive experience mining large complex data sets, using a variety of advanced quantitative/modelling techniques.
  • Graduate or Post Graduate degree in statistics, operational research, relevant certifications.
  • Ability to create dynamic dashboards using various tools like Excel/SPSS.
  • Experience with integration of data from multiple data sources and automation of data processes.
  • Expertise in handling large amounts of data through PostgreSQL and/ or SQL techniques Research focused mind set with strong attention to detail.
  • Active knowledge of  contemporary developments in data mining and analysis technology.


Key Relationship/Customers

  • Country Head
  • Vertical/Project Heads
  • External Clients


Personal Attributes

  • Focus on achieving results and exceeding expectations.
  • Assertiveness: has the ability to articulate and hold their own in pressured conversations and to manage the expectations of others whilst working under pressure.
  • Credibility: has gained the respect from all members of the business, both consultants and support, seen as reliable, trustworthy and capable of performing the role; leads by example.
  • Adaptability: maintains good performance and quality of work under pressure and is prepared to manage change at the last minute.
  • Ability to think creatively to solve real world business problems.
  • Organisation and planning: has the aptitude to prioritise, plan and organise work and the ability to manage expectations and deadlines.