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Project Leader Digital Health (New Delhi)

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POSITION: Project Leader Digital Health

PROJECT: Digital Health for Universal Coverage


 TYPE OF CONTRACT / DURATION: Three Years (Full time Contract)

REPORTING TO: Country Director

DIRECT REPORTEES: A team of 5-7 people



A robust and effective information system is a prerequisite to a well-functioning health system—and a necessary building block for Universal Health Coverage. This is especially true for India, where the need to integrate systems in a federal context and across different components of the health system (public, private and between vertical diseases) is a paramount concern. There is a strong need for establishing an integrated Digital Health platform for the country. This project will conceptualize the scope, scale and system architecture for execution.  

ACCESS Health, working closely with partners, will support the creation of a harmonized roadmap for a comprehensive and integrated Digital Health platform. This role will steer forward this agenda by convening partners, assessing needs, defining priority steps, building capacity and laying the groundwork for a unified Digital Health system architecture. ACCESS Health will work closely with strategic and technical partners, within government, the private sector and academia, to achieve this goal. 



Ability to work closely with strategic and technical partners across different agencies of the government, outside the government, private sector and academia thereby creating a harmonized roadmap for a comprehensive and integrated Digital Health Platform in India 

Assess priority needs, building capacity and laying the groundwork and planning on essential components for a national Digital Health System architecture

Engage with relevant government partners to define electronic health record systems and supporting the design of a cloud based universal Health insurance systems  

Responsible to identify the states that have already established a foundational Digital Health Platform so as to advance the work of the central government through testing, validating and adapting relevant components of their systems 

Review, evaluate and engage with states to understand their complexities and challenges and come up with appropriate strategies to ensure any future digital health platforms which can be adopted by these states across the board 

Draw on specialized technical expertise from partners and consultants within and outside India and other international experts and be responsible for long term capacity building and intensive technical assistance. 

Engage with various country driven networks of health care practitioners and policy makers to work on new ideas and tools to expand health coverage



A recognized expert in his field who can lead a national dialog on Digital Health among government, private health sector, informatics communities, academic communities

A conceptual thinker who can demonstrate consistency of thought and messaging to diverse audiences on the subject of Digital Health

An organizer who can lead colleagues and a team toward realizing Digital Health’s potentials

communicator who can write and speak clearly and convincingly on a variety of political, clinical, administrative, financial and technical issues relating to Digital Health

A trainer who can mentor and lead a large team of professionals who strive to advance DH in India, and who also can devise methods to influence and ultimately the mindset of clinicians, government officials and administrators, private sector stakeholders and politicians who may be resistant to change



Advanced degree in Health Informatics, Health Information Technologies (HIT), Medical Informatics or Clinical Informatics  

10-15 years of leadership experience in health sector with a deep understanding of technology, systems thinking and prior work experience in a multi stakeholder dynamic work environment

Requires an in depth understanding on how to apply digital health solutions and drive change in the health sector 

Prior demonstrated experience in successfully driving change in partnership with Government and working with the private sector

Strong on client / partnership / government relationship and management with the ability to pursue different programme tracks through consensus building and advocacy

Strong Risk Management and collaboration skills



Strong familiarity with HIS/Health data/Technology/ehospital and different interlinked foundation blocks for creating large scale digital platforms in Health

Prior involvement in projects and successful completion in any of the above areas will carry significant weightage

Strong team management / leadership skills

High level of program management and advocacy skills

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills both written and verbal and working in a collaborative manner

Excellent communications, networking and conflict resolution skills

Ability to drive consensus across multiple stakeholders 

Excellent planning and organizing skills 

Good listening skills and open to new ideas / flexibility / adaptability

Ability to hire, coach and mentor a team and execute a time bound project in mission mode

Please share your resumes on The last date for submission is December 20th, 2018.





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We are no longer active in Project Leader Digital Health (New Delhi). Projects and resources are available in the archive.