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Every Second Counts: Saving Two Million Lives


Every Second Counts tells the story of the largest emergency services provider in the world. The Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) launched in 2005 in a single state in India, Andhra Pradesh. Today, it operates in seventeen Indian states and territories and serves a population of more than seven hundred million. Each day, the emergency…

Aging with Dignity


Aging with Dignity: Innovation and Challenge in Sweden – The Voice of Care Professionals is a study in the future of long term care through the lens of the Swedish healthcare system. It is based on a series of interviews ACCESS Health conducted with more than thirty long term care professionals in Sweden.

Salud, Excelencia y Sostenibilidad


ACCESS Health estudia de manera sistemática el sistema de salud de Singapur y cómo el país planea enfrentarse al impacto creciente del cambio demográfico sobre el sistema de salud, la economía, y la ciudad. El estudio inicial es una descripción detallada del origen, financiación e impacto del actual sistema de salud. Este trabajo se resume…

Épilogue de L’Excellence Accessible


La publication de l’Excellence Accessible a été suivie par une analyse profonde des changements dans le fonctionnement et le financement du système de santé de Singapour entre Avril 2013 et Avril 2014. Une série de changements importants a été établie pour répondre aux besoins croissants de la population âgée. Les changements encouragent aussi les jeunes à avoir…

Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment


This Costing Manual was developed by the Costing Collaborative members of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage. It is the first costing specific resource that bridges costing theory — what you should do — with practical, step by step guidance on what you can do to address multiple challenges related to costing for provider payment…

L’Excellence Accessible


ACCESS Health étudie systématiquement le système de santé de Singapour et comment le pays prévoit de faire face à l’impact croissant du changement démographique sur le système de santé, sur l’économie, et sur la ville. L’étude initiale représentait une description détaillée du système actuel des soins de santé: ses origines, ses finances, et ses performances.…

Epilogue to Affordable Excellence


The publication of Affordable Excellence was followed by an in depth analysis of the changes in the financing and operation of the Singapore healthcare system between April 2013 and April 2014. A series of significant changes were made to accommodate the growing needs of the elderly population. The changes also encourage young people to have more children.…

Affordable Excellence


ACCESS Health systematically studies the Singapore healthcare system and how the country plans to confront the growing impact of demographic change on the healthcare system, the economy, and the city. The initial study was a detailed description of the current healthcare system: its origins, its finance, and its performance. This work is summarized in the…

Improving the Health of Mother and Child: Solutions from India


Improving the Health of Mother and Child: Solutions from India is a compendium of sixteen case studies of maternal and child healthcare providers in India. The case studies identify and document effective service delivery approaches from maternal and child healthcare providers in India. The providers profiled here were selected from over three hundred organizations examined…

Modern Aging: inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to create businesses to serve the needs of the elderly.
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