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Safe Care, Saving Lives: Lessons Learned


The neonatal mortality rate in India is higher than its neighbors, like Nepal and Bangladesh. While the government of India has worked hard to increase access to healthcare across the country, these efforts have not led to comparable declines in neonatal and maternal mortality. To address this challenge, the public health insurance program in the…

Safe Care, Saving Lives Quality Improvement Kit


Quality of care is a key component to achieving universal health coverage. The process of quality improvement consists of systematic and continuous actions that lead to measurable improvements in healthcare processes and outcomes. The benefit of quality improvement is that it helps providers and policymakers to think through and test new ideas, monitor and evaluate…

Safe Care, Saving Lives Change Package for Quality Improvement in Newborn Care


A change package is an evidence based set of changes that are critical to the improvement of care. This Change Package provides ideas to improve the quality of care in hospital labor rooms and newborn care units. It was developed as part of the Safe Care, Saving Lives program which worked to improve the quality…

Safe Care Saving Lives Standard Operating Procedures


This document provides a set of standard operating procedures to design, implement, and evaluate a quality improvement program. It was developed as part of the Safe Care, Saving Lives quality improvement program which worked to improve the quality of care in public and private neonatal intensive care units in two states in India, where the…

Voices in Dementia Care


Voices in Dementia Care is based on a series of interviews with dementia care experts across Europe and the United States. It captures the voices of these care professionals as they describe the challenges of delivering high quality dementia care with limited resources. The book also provides a critical analysis of best practices that can be adapted and applied by both institutional and home care…

Market Forces in Primary Care Systems: A Framework


Taking inspiration from existing health system frameworks, ACCESS Health created a market forces framework that offers a lens for responding to local market dynamics and taking a more strategic long term view of strengthening primary care. It includes a concrete four step process for applying the framework to India and other settings.

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