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Has the Rajiv Aarogyasri Community Health Insurance Scheme of Andhra Pradesh Addressed the Educational Divide in Accessing Healthcare?

Journal Article

Equity of access to healthcare remains a major challenge. Families continue to face financial and non financial barriers to services. Lack of education has been shown to be a key risk factor for catastrophic health expenditure in many countries, including India. This study, published in PLOS ONE, assessed whether the Rajiv Aarogyasri health insurance program in Andhra Pradesh reduced inequality…

Private Sector Participation in Delivering Tertiary Healthcare: A Dichotomy of Access and Affordability Across Two Indian States

Journal Article

This article in Health Policy and Planning aims to compare changes in access to and affordability and efficiency of private and public hospital inpatient treatments between Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh from 2004 to 2012. The article assesses whether the health financing innovations in one state resulted in larger or smaller benefits compared with the other.

National Standards of Care Quality Would Help India Enable Health Coverage for All

Journal Article

Dr. Anju Aggarwal comments in the BMJ on the role of the next Indian government to improve health in India. She argues that national standards of care quality would help India enable health coverage for all and that the next central government should coordinate existing state led programs and set national care standards to encourage…

Using the Indian National Sample Survey Data in Public Health Research

Journal Article

The National Sample Survey is a multi stage, multi subject, and multi purpose cross sectional survey, conducted annually. The objective of this paper in the National Medical Journal of India is to inform the reader about the planning and execution of the National Sample Surveys and their potential use in public health research. The sampling…

Tapping the Potential of Government Sponsored Health Insurance Schemes

Journal Article

Can Government Sponsored Health Insurance Schemes be optimized to enhance the quality of healthcare in the private sector and to improve public facilities? Prabal Vikram Singh and Rohini Kalvakuntla evaluate these insurance programs within the framework of universal health coverage in India.

Replicating Tamil Nadu’s Drug Procurement Model

Journal Article

Most states are attempting to copy the model of centralized tendering and purchase of drugs established by the Tamil Nadu Medical Services Coproration. A study of the Kerala Medical Services Corporation and the State Drug Management Unit in Odisha shows that imitating the original model without factoring in the local context and building up the…

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