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The Netherlands spends more than any other OECD country on long term care. The OECD average public expenditure for long term care was 1.7 percent in 2013; the Netherlands spends 4.3 percent.

The Netherlands, like many other countries, has a rapidly aging population. An aging population places increased demands on health systems, especially in terms of increased spending on health and long term care. In the Netherlands, maintain a high quality of healthcare has thus become ever more challenging. In response, the Netherlands has taken a practical and experimental approach that questions current health practices. This has led to many innovative new practices in elder and long term care. The Netherlands is now a leader in patient centered care and is ranked number one in the Euro Health Consumer Index.

ACCESS Health Netherlands partners with innovative public and private sector leaders to develop new and better ways to provide care for those most in need of support. ACCESS Health also acts as a knowledge partner for Dutch healthcare companies and institutions. It is currently studying best practices in the Netherlands and in other nearby countries, making those practices available in Europe and across the world.

Focus Areas

Healthcare Delivery Systems

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ACCESS Health works to improve healthcare delivery systems in the Netherlands, with a focus on innovative and high quality long term care models. For example, ACCESS Health has written case studies and reports on Buurtzorg, Humanitas, Focus Cura, de Hogeweyk, and other care organizations such as Saffier de Residentie. As a locally based organization, ACCESS Health Netherlands intimately understands the healthcare challenges in the Netherlands and can play a leading role in developing solutions and appropriate care strategies. We also use this knowledge to guide work in other countries.

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Healthcare Technology

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Through a series of ongoing studies, ACCESS Health Netherlands is developing a unique understanding of eHealth technologies in Northern Europe and the information infrastructure that underpins healthcare systems. This includes the design, history, context, and application of eHealth solutions, such as patient record systems, remote homecare, prescription databases, and image exchanges.

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We are no longer active in Netherlands. Projects and resources are available in the archive.