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Center for Health Market Innovations Learning Exchange

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ACCESS Health International manages the Center for Health Market Innovations Learning Exchange. The Learning Exchange is a peer to peer learning program to share knowledge around a particular need or business practice. It provides funding to facilitate structured learning partnerships between or among organizations that are profiled by the Center for Health Market Innovations. The Learning Exchange will help programs improve business practices, adopt innovations, or scale up or replicate an aspect of their model to a new market. Partners may be based in the same geography or in different countries.

The Learning Exchanges will involve healthcare organizations acting as lead partners and knowledge partners. The lead partner is a healthcare organization profiled by the Center for Health Market Innovations. The lead partner may be the learner in a traditional mentor-mentee relationship. Alternatively, the lead partner and knowledge partners can represent similar organizations that may offer complementary skills, expertise, and ability to learn from one another. Knowledge partners are healthcare organizations that work with the lead partner to exchange knowledge through activities. Both partners discuss the scope of the learning agenda, how learning will take place, and the intended impact of the learning.

At the conclusion of the Learning Exchange, partners will reflect on what worked and what didn’t work and share their experiences to benefit the broader Center for Health Market Innovations community.

In November 2014, the Center for Health Market Innovations awarded its first round of learning exchange grants to five winning applications. These new partnerships represent twelve organizations and eight countries. The new partnerships will allow program managers to improve and scale up their models. Current grantee activities range from replicating drug supply models, improving management and operational processes, building financial sustainability, and adapting new monitoring systems to ensure client safety.

Our partner for the Learning Exchange is the Center for Health Market Innovations.

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We are no longer active in Center for Health Market Innovations Learning Exchange. Projects and resources are available in the archive.