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Joint Learning Network for Evolving Health Systems

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ACCESS Health brings together experts and organizations facing similar healthcare challenges to share experiences in a structured process known as joint learning. Through this process, experts and organizations share knowledge of what works and what does not. ACCESS Health intends to establish a Joint Learning Network to address the problems of elder care and primary care within both urban and rural China.

Joint learning is a structured process that supports cross learning among peers facing similar challenges in different settings. Through the Joint Learning Network for Evolving Health Systems, we will bring together experts working on the same technical areas within evolving health systems. The experts will share their current strategies and develop a shared manual of options to advance the health system. The Joint Learning Network for Evolving Health Systems will initially focus on experts within mainland China and Hong Kong. Later programs may draw upon experience and expertise in other Asian countries.

We will also create a Joint Learning Fund for Evolving Health Systems to support site visits and study trips.

Modern Aging: inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to create businesses to serve the needs of the elderly.
We are no longer active in Joint Learning Network for Evolving Health Systems. Projects and resources are available in the archive.