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Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage

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The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage brings together low and middle income countries in Africa and Asia to share experiences, challenges, and insights drawn from their efforts to achieve universal health coverage. Over the past four years, the Joint Learning Network has brought together representatives from nine countries, four African – Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali – and five Asian – India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam – to share their good practices toward achieving universal health coverage. In January 2015, the Network welcomed thirteen associate member countries, including Morocco.

The Joint Learning Network is in its fifth year. ACCESS Health serves as a secretariat of this program, together with the Results for Development Institute. ACCESS Health also manages the Joint Learning Fund to facilitate practitioner to practitioner learning and exchange. ACCESS Health also supports the Joint Learning Network Steering Group and the Country Core Groups.

Participants are organized into Country Core Groups for each member country. Each Country Core Group includes representatives from different government departments and other key local partners working toward achieving universal health coverage. The Country Core Group performs a key liaison function. The members coordinate the Network activities with processes internal to each country and ensure that information gathered by the Network is communicated within each country.

The current activities include on demand learning and knowledge exchange, multilateral learning workshops, documentation of the experience of each country, and research and analysis. We have created an online web portal that facilitates communication among the countries.

A few of the Joint Learning Network topics include:

Information Systems: Network participants work to define requirements for national health insurance information systems. They also work to promote interoperability of health information systems though creation of a health data dictionary. The Network also assists in building information tools to meet common needs, such an electronic claims format.

Provider Payment: Network participants help to develop and apply provider payment diagnostic tools. Network participants also help individual countries design the provider payment systems appropriate to their needs. The Network also shares experiences on how to price health services.

Quality Improvement: Network participants share their experiences and methods to improve the quality of health services. Network members also help individual countries design and test specific quality improvement techniques.

Primary Care: Network participants also share experiences delivering primary care services and provide advice to those member countries working to improve access to high quality primary healthcare.

Click here to visit the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage website.

The Joint Learning Network is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Our partners are the Departments and Ministries of Health of GhanaIndiaIndonesia, Kenya, MalaysiaMaliNigeria, the Philippines, and Vietnam.


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We are no longer active in Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage. Projects and resources are available in the archive.