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Public Drug Procurement Project

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ACCESS Health India analyzed drug procurement programs in five Indian states as part of the Public Drug Procurement Project. We measured the impact of these programs on the quality and availability of drugs. Our work highlighted critical success factors for efficient drug procurement systems in this context.

Drug purchase accounts for eighty percent of all out of pocket healthcare expenditures. India has a mandate to dispense free essential generic medicines through its public health system. Inefficient inventory procurement practices have led to drug shortages. Some states, including Kerala and Tamil Nadu, have implemented effective procurement systems that improve the availability and quality of drugs in their public health facilities.

As part of this project, we interviewed key decision makers and visited warehouses and distribution facilities. We were able to identify common features of successful drug procurement programs. ACCESS Health has published the results in academic journals and presented them at international conferences.

The Public Drug Procurement Project was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Our partner for this project was the Public Health Foundation of India.

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We are no longer active in Public Drug Procurement Project. Projects and resources are available in the archive.