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LiveBetterLiveLonger_salmon-01ACCESS Health created and maintains the Silverevolution blog. Contributors describe innovations in healthcare for the elderly and chronically ill. We believe it is possible for people to add more life to their years even as they add more years to their life. Silverevolution promotes innovation, insight, and inspired conversations about modern aging worldwide. The Silverevolution blog draws contributions from Asia, Europe, and the United States. ACCESS Health plans to expand the Silverevolution blog to include contributors from South America and Africa.

A global demographic shift is underway. The number of people sixty five years and older will triple by 2050. In response to these changes, markets and governments are reforming existing healthcare systems. Companies are creating new products to serve the health needs of the elderly. ACCESS Health launched the Silverevolution blog to track these changes. Silverevolution documents and highlights promising innovations for the elderly from around the globe. The intent of Silverevolution is to improve the care of the elderly by promoting new ways to improve the quality of life of our elders.

Click here to visit the Silverevolution blog.

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