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Stop TB Now Project

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The Stop TB Now Project is designed to strengthen the national effort against tuberculosis for poor children through a comprehensive portfolio of coordinated activities that address community knowledge, availability of skilled staff, the drug supply, and follow up of patients under treatment.

Tuberculosis is the sixth leading cause of death in the Philippines. Based on the 2007 Nationwide Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey, approximately 1.5 million children under nine are infected. About forty thousand children will develop the disease each year, with the majority in the lowest income areas. The government has developed a tuberculosis program for children. This program has not yet been implemented on a national basis.

Most resources in the Philippines are allocated to the control and treatment of tuberculosis in adults, not in children. We believe that a focus on children is an important component of a national tuberculosis control strategy. ACCESS Health Philippines works with the Rotary Clubs of Makati and Dangjin, South Korea, as well as with other local organizations in the Philippines, including Kabisig ng Kalahi, to control tuberculosis in children.

The Stop TB Now Project will identify and treat eight hundred children. We train community health workers to improve screening and diagnosis procedures. We are conducting a campaign to inform the communities about the importance of prevention and testing. We work to improve drug procurement practices to ensure an adequate supply. We strengthen oversight of treatment protocols at local community centers. We also assist in the improvement of disease detection, reporting, and patient monitoring.


The Stop TB Now Project is funded by the Rotary Club of Makati and the Rotary Club of Dangjin, South Korea.

Our partner on this project is Kabisig Ng Kalahi.

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We are no longer active in Stop TB Now Project. Projects and resources are available in the archive.