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TB Drug Procurement Study

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ACCESS Health initiated the TB Drug Procurement Study to examine tuberculosis drug procurement systems in several Indian states. We worked with local governments to identify weaknesses in drug procurement programs and to increase the availability and decrease the cost of essential medicines.

Almost a third of all tuberculosis patients live in India. The majority of those are either untreated or undertreated due to the scarcity of high quality drugs. In response to these challenges, ACCESS Health India examined different tuberculosis drug procurement systems and identified opportunities for improvement.

Our team conducted interviews regarding the availability of first and second line medications. We spoke to procurement agencies and financing and purchasing organizations, including the Central Tuberculosis Division of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Tuberculosis Control Societies in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Gujarat. We also collected and analyzed secondary data from drug procurement manuals and Right to Information Act data. ACCESS Health India presented the results of our study to UNITAID.

The TB Drug Procurement Study was funded by UNITAID.

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We are no longer active in TB Drug Procurement Study. Projects and resources are available in the archive.