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The RAMED Project

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ACCESS Health Morocco is initiating analysis of RAMED, a national health insurance program intended to protect low income citizens from financial disaster due to catastrophic illness. We will support the development of the program in information technology, provider payments, quality improvement, coverage expansion, and primary care.

In 2008, Morocco instituted its Regime d’Assistance Médicale pour les Économiquement Démunis or RAMED. The government expanded this program to all Moroccan regions in 2012.

RAMED is designed to protect low income citizens from catastrophic health expenses. There are two categories of beneficiary: “poor” and “vulnerable.” Beneficiaries classified as vulnerable contribute fifteen dollars per person (with a maximum of sixty dollars per household). In return, they receive free primary, secondary, and tertiary care services at local public institutions. Beneficiaries classified as poor pay nothing. This new health insurance program presents significant policy and technical implementation challenges to the Moroccan government.

ACCESS Health Morocco is preparing a case study to provide a comprehensive overview of RAMED. The case study will be shared nationally and internationally to encourage discussions of the challenges and opportunities of the RAMED program.

We envision a second phase to support innovative partnerships and information exchange, both within Morocco and in other countries.

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We are no longer active in The RAMED Project. Projects and resources are available in the archive.