Gathered in this catalog are all the speeches, interviews, articles, and travel commentaries produced by ACCESS Health International Chairman and President William A. Haseltine over the course of 2019. An additional compilation of Haseltine’s correspondence with friends and colleagues from previous years (2013 – 2018) is appended.

The material included layers the work of ACCESS Health atop Haseltine’s own expertise to create an engaging, informative, and highly browsable resource on the challenges and opportunities involved in health systems transformation. In 2019, Haseltine delivered speeches to audiences that span the globe—from a crowd of future medical professionals at Harvard University, where he obtained a degree in biophysics, to a room full of leading bioindustry and public health professionals in Wuhan, China. The topics of Haseltine’s presentations are just as diverse, including emergency care in India, healthcare access in Singapore, and culture change at NYU Langone Health. His interviews, conducted with leaders and experts renowned in their respective fields, dig deeper into specific global health issues by way of conversation.

The health and wellbeing of older adults is one of the catalog’s recurring themes, most evident perhaps in the column Haseltine pens for Forbes. The articles disseminate to the general public some of the key ideas and strategies driving the work of ACCESS Health International. Such is the aim of the catalog as a whole: to synthesize previously dispersed knowledge, irrespective of original format, into an easy to read resource for anyone interested in the current state of global health.