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TioHundra Case Study Part Two: Care Homes and Integrated Elder Care

Interview with Jan Blomkvist, Department Manager, Elder Care Housing; Marielle Nilsson, Vice Unit Manager, Sjöglimten Short Term Care Home; and Ann-Sophie Holgersson, Manager, Grind Care Home

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This is the second part of a case study series on Care Company TioHundra and Swedish integrated elder care. This installment of the case study is a group interview with three managers at TioHundra. The interviewees describe the development of elder care at TioHundra and the challenges that the company faces in delivering integrated elder care. The interview also addresses the use of new technologies in modern elder care and the possibilities created by the introduction of these new technologies.

Click here to see Part One, Part ThreePart Four, and Part Five. This case study is part of the Elder Care Case Studies project.

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We are no longer active in TioHundra Case Study Part Two: Care Homes and Integrated Elder Care. Projects and resources are available in the archive.