Anyone Can Be a Hero

A book for young people by William A. Haseltine, PhD

Weaving together stories from his own life and those of some of science’s biggest superheroes, Dr. Haseltine — or Dr. Bill as many of his friends like to call him — hopes to inspire and empower young people to pursue a life in science and change the world for the better.

Science as a Superpower: My Lifelong Fight Against
Disease and the Heroes Who Made It Possible

When you think about superheroes, what comes to mind?

People adorned in capes or hi-tech armor, and superhuman abilities like flying or x-ray vision?


How about scientists in white lab coats looking through microscopes? In real life, science is the most powerful superpower in the world. Think about it. Through science, men and women extend human life, cure diseases, and make the once -impossible happen. They are, indeed, modern-day superheroes, saving and improving millions of lives.


This book tells the story of Dr. Bill and other superheroes who have changed the world through science.

Anyone Can be a Scientist

A Lifelong Quest to Heal

When Dr. Bill was a child, his mother was often seriously ill. Her poor health filled him with fear, anxiety, and a feeling of helplessness. So, he concocted a plan: he would pursue a career in science in order to fight disease and heal as many people as he could. That impulse evolved into an illustrious career:


  • Developing new drugs to fight HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes and lupus
  • Pioneering the application of genomics to drug discovery
  • Even developing a leukeumia vaccine for cats!

In Science as a Superpower, Dr. Bill shares his journey from curious child to world-renowned scientist. 

In Conversation with Dr. Haseltine

One Person Can Change the World: Katalin Kariko

The story of Katarin Kariko and how she changed the world through her pioneering work harnessing the power of mRNA to fight disease.
What Advice Do You Have for Aspiring Scientists?

What Advice Do You Have for Aspiring Scientists?

Dr. Bill talks about the most important advice he has for any young person interested in pursuing a life in science.
Why Young People Should Consider a Career in Science

Why Young People Should Consider a Career in Science

Dr. Bill talks about why he thinks young people should pursue a career in science, for their own fulfillment and for the sake of humanity.

A Gallery of Scientific Superheroes

Throughout his career, Dr. Bill has had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the biggest heroes in science. And in the book, he shares stories about how these dedicated superheroes were able to change the world through science.

About Dr. Haseltine 

About Dr. Haseltine 

William A. Haseltine, PhD, has dedicated his life to healing as many people as possible through science. He was a professor at Harvard Medical School where he developed and helped find cures for diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. He led the team that pioneered the development of new drugs based on information from the human genome and created more than a dozen biotechnology companies and influenced public policy at the highest levels.


He’s built two foundations, one to foster collaboration between the arts and science, and another—ACCESS Health International— to advise governments worldwide on how to bring high-quality, affordable healthcare to all. In 2001, TIME Magazine named him one of the “25 Most Influential Global Business Executives” and in 2015, Scientific American named him one of the 100 most influential leaders in biotechnology.

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Dr. Bill is available to do interviews, speak with classrooms of students, and share his love of science.

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