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9.7 million


173,860 square miles

Capital City:

Nearly a quarter of the population of Sweden will be 65 years or older by 2050.

Aging well is a global priority. Sweden, like many other countries, confronts significant challenges due to population aging. Estimates suggest that nearly a quarter of the population of Sweden will be sixty five years or older by 2050. Longer life expectancies and steady retirement ages are boosting the support ratio, creating a need for new ways to provide and pay for high quality long term care.

Sweden is taking clear action to respond to the needs of its older citizens. ACCESS Health Sweden partners with innovative thinkers in both the public and private sectors to focus attention and resources on developing new and better ways to provide care for the elderly population. Sweden is a good place for these studies as the country was recently ranked number one in a global index based on income, health, employment and education, and enabling environment for aging adults.

Elder and Long Term Care

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ACCESS Health Sweden analyzes how specific programs and policies improve and modernize care for older adults. Because we are locally based, ACCESS Health Sweden is able to participate in the response to the aging population in the country and to identify strengths and weaknesses in the elderly care strategies of the country. We use this knowledge to discuss challenges and opportunities with Swedish national and local leaders and to inspire and guide other countries as they seek to improve care for their own people.

Featured Projects


  • Experience Design for the Elderly

    Experience Design for the Elderly

    Experience Design for the Elderly worked with Swedish design students to develop tools and activities to create conversations around empathy, the healthcare system, and different viewpoints. We shared this knowledge with those interested or involved in the care of the elderly.

  • Pioneering Elder Care

    Pioneering Elder Care

    ACCESS Health Singapore and ACCESS Health Sweden collaborated on a study of the Singapore elderly care system, one of six models used to guide the development of the Swedish elderly care provider payment system.

  • Silverevolution


    ACCESS Health created and maintains the Silverevolution blog. Contributors describe innovations in healthcare for the elderly and chronically ill.

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