ACCESS Health Chair Dr. William A. Haseltine authors a new book on Regenerative Medicine

Bill book single

From the leading edge of biotech and healthcare innovation, Dr. William A. Haseltine and Kim Hazel MPH come forth with a revolutionary resource – “Better Eyesight: What You And Modern Medicine Can Do To Improve Your Vision.” The book maps out the vanguard of eye care technologies and treatments, offering new hope to those affected by vision issues.

Better Eyesight is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the field of eye care, whether you are a healthcare professional or just someone who wants to learn more about eye health and wellness. The book sheds light on modern advances in ophthalmology, including brain implants and gene therapy, and offers in-depth information on treatments such as stem cell and gene therapies for retinal disorders, laser photocoagulation, and more.  Available on Amazon as an eBook or Print-on-Demand To read Dr. William Haseltine’s articles, visit