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Do you have a question that wasn’t answered in the book? Submit it below and we may incorporate it in the next version of the book. Remember that Bill earned the Dr. in his title when he earned his PhD. He’s the right person to ask about the virus that causes Covid and the disease itself, but you should contact a medical doctor if you have personal questions about an illness or treatment. Below you can find answers to other questions readers like you have submitted.

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Last updated: May 26 2020

I want my child to understand the danger of the pandemic, but I’m afraid that they will become too scared or take it too personally. What do I do?
Part of the reason why I wrote this book was that I wanted to provide age appropriate language that you can use when you talk to your child. If you sense that your child is scared or worried about their potential for spreading the disease to loved ones, remind them that their fears are normal. Reassure them that every time they practice social distancing or wear a mask, they are becoming a part of the solution, not the problem.
If I travel by plane, do I need to keep my mask on at all times?
Yes, both in the airport and on the airplane. When you go through a security checkpoint, a TSA official on duty may ask you to lower your mask. Otherwise, keep it on.
If I travel by plane, is it safe to shop at stores and eat at restaurants around the airport?
You’ll find that as long as lockdowns and travel bans are in effect, your shopping and dining options at the airport will be limited. Bring your own food, books, and eye drops instead.