4th Annual International Healthcare and Finance Forum

We are excited to announce that the 4th Annual International Healthcare and Finance Forum is set to be held on Thursday, April 22nd, and Friday, April 23rd at the Beijing Shangri-La Hotel. The Agenda is below and more information can be found here.

April 22nd

Session One:  Promoting A Multi-layered Medical Security System under the 14th Five-Year Plan

Keynote: The Use of Technology in Promoting a Multi-layered Medical Security System

Keynote: A Multi-layered Medical Security System, Empowered by Healthcare Informatization

Keynote: The Supplementary Role, Risk Identification and Supervision Model Selection of  Online Mutual Aid to Medical Insurance

Keynote: Innovation of Commercial Health Insurance

Keynote: Reform of the Medical Security System

Roundtable: Promoting a Long-term Development of Multi-layered Medical Security System in China

Session Two: Establishment of a Medical Security System: Innovation Through Cross-sector Collaboration

Keynote: Establishment of a Rare Disease Medical Security System Through Cross-sector Collaboration

Keynote: Value-based Strategic Health Insurance Procurement

Roundtable: Innovation Progress on 2020 Healthcare Reform and Future Development of the Industry

White Paper Release: Charity Donation and Medical Mutual Aid–Supplementary Level in a Multi-layered Medical Security System

Roundtable: Multi-party Payment to Promote the Innovative Development of Supplementary Layer of the Medical Security System

April 23rd

Session Three:Empowering a Multi-layered Medical Security System Through Technology

Keynote: Empowering the Development of Multi-layered Medical Security System through Technology

Keynote: Refining the Internet Supervision System: Integration of Complementary Level and the Social Security, and Its Long-term Development

Keynote: The Collaborative Development of Online Mutual Aid and Commercial Health Insurance to Improve Universal Health Coverage

Keynote: Innovation and Prospect of Fintech for Health in Asia-Pacific

Case Study Sharing: Featuring Innovative Cases

White Paper Release: Technology Empowering the Medical Security System: China’s Health Industry Practices and Universal Health Coverage

Roundtable: Building a Technology-driven Innovative Medical Ecology Integrating Producers and Insurances to Improve Healthcare Accessibility

Session Four: Closed-door Seminar on Inclusive Supplementary Medical Insurance
Innovative Commercial Health Insurance Models, Policy Trends, and Establishment of Industry Standard



Apr 22 - 23 2021


All Day