How Financial Services Companies are Moving into the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare will be a USD 2.3 trillion industry by 2026. Despite commitments to universal health coverage and growth in the commercial health insurance industry, patients continue to face difficulties in paying for their care. Loss of income and uncertainty during COVID times has further added to that burden.

Until recently, most health financing options have been offered solely by conventional financial institutions such as banks and large insurance companies. In recent decades, innovative financing mechanisms have emerged, offered by digital financial services companies who have designed the products and platforms specifically with the patient’s needs in mind.

Microfinance institutions (MFI), insurtech, and payments companies – among others – are now entering into the healthcare industry to offer efficient, user-friendly, affordable health financing options. Who are these companies and what progress have they made in this space? How has COVID-19 accelerated the use of these services and what is needed to keep them around after the pandemic has subsided?


During this webinar we will talk to companies working at the intersection of health and digital finance and learn about what successes and challenges they’ve experienced along the way.




Jul 13 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm