Identifying and Addressing Care Coordination, Treatment Adherence, Bone Health Care, and Preventive Service Gaps in a COVID-laden World

Hosted by Bone Alliance Singapore in partnership with Amgen and ACCESS Health International Southeast Asia

During COVID-19, a key portion of the population is not only at higher risk of becoming ill but also more vulnerable to extreme social isolation and injury and will experience long and consequential lapses in their regular medical care and treatment. As we enter into a “new normal” where COVID-19 is managed more effectively but is no less of a threat to our healthcare system and population, what problems arise – and what existing problems are amplified – in the areas of aging care, community services, patient advocacy, primary care, patient referral pathways, and screening, diagnosing, and maintenance of chronic diseases? In this webinar, we will hear from clinicians and experts in these sectors as they present their real-time problem statements and discuss past, current, and future areas of need.
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Aug 27 2020


Singapore Time
5:00 pm - 6:15 pm