The 3rd Annual China International Healthcare and Finance Innovation Forum

Health finance innovation encompasses the continual improvement and reform of the public health insurance system, the establishment of multi-layered healthcare system, as well as the creation of new value-based healthcare services and payment models. What ever form it may take on, healthcare financing helps to increase the accessibility of healthcare services and achieve lifelong healthcare management, increasing the quality of healthcare while lessening the cost burden.

The inaugural and second Forums were successfully held with the generous support of our partners. More than 120 leaders from government, academia, think tanks, and industries both in China and around the globe have shared their respective insights in the past two Forum. Over one thousand audience have participated with diverse background of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health insurance, technologies, and investment. The Forum has attracted more than forty media groups to build social impact.


Nov 23 - 24 2019


9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Fudan University