Our work in China drives discovery and growth of innovative healthcare models.

ACCESS Health China is committed to promoting health system transformation in China though innovation. Our work empowers partners to discover and to grow innovative healthcare models in the country and region. As a leading catalyst in healthcare innovation, ACCESS Health China has created a network of more than more than fifty organization partners and hundreds of individual industry leaders. Together our network continues to drive progress towards sustainable universal health coverage.


ACCESS Health China is creating a new ecosystem for innovation across the health sector.

ACCESS Health China provides research, expertise, and advice to platform partners in health service delivery innovation, health technology innovation and application, and health payment innovation. One of our flagship initiatives, the Health Futures Innovation Platform, brings together domestic and global partners under a common vision of the future of health, one that is patient centered, integrated, and affordable.


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Chang Liu

Regional Director for Singapore, Mainland China, and Hong Kong

Chang Liu, PhD, is responsible for our health and aging innovation platforms and leads research and consulting work in the region. Chang has a held teaching positions at Duke-NUS, the National University of Singapore Enterprise, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has authored a number of publications, including the Singapore overview for the International Profiles of Health Care Systems published by The Commonwealth Fund and London School of Economics.