Director of Health Systems, Maulik Chokshi, acknowledged for his contribution to the Economic Survey of India

Maulik Chokshi, the Director of Health Systems at ACCESS Health India, was acknowledged for his contribution to the recently released Economic Survey, 2020-2021. The yearly report is brought out by the Department of Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Finance during the budget session of the Parliament.

The report is prepared under the guidance of the Chief Economic Adviser of India. The office invites suggestions from academicians and practitioners from across the public and private sectors, in the development and finalization of the report. Mr. Chokshi contributed to the effort and was acknowledged for his input in to the chapters on health. With two decades of experience, Mr.Chokshi drives the health systems work at ACCESS Health India and provides technical and programmatic leadership to its policy work.

The 2020-21 survey was conducted in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy. The foundational theme of the survey was “Saving Lives and Livelihoods”. The survey goes on to outline the epidemiological and economic research related to lockdowns and minimizing losses during uncertainty.

The document is the Chief Economic Advisor’s office view on the state of the Indian economy. It reviews the developments in the economy over the past financial year, summarizes the performance on major development programs, economic trends, highlights the policy initiatives of the government and their impact and the prospects of the economy in the short to medium term.