Proceedings of the roundtable on ABDM highlights opportunities and challenges in digital healthcare


ACCESS Health International announces the release of the proceedings document from our recent roundtable, “ABDM – Providers’ Perspectives: Opportunities and Challenges,” hosted in collaboration with the Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH). The report is out now and available for download.

This event brought together top hospital executives to discuss the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), focusing on both its opportunities and challenges. ACCESS Health International contributed significantly by jointly organizing the event with RICH, providing key insights, and compiling the report. Dr. N. Krishna Reddy, CEO of ACCESS Health International, delivered a keynote on the importance of integration and standardization in healthcare, while Supriya Cotra Prabhakar, Senior Technical Specialist (Digital Health), demonstrated the practical applications of ABDM. The ACCESS Health work was a part of this project and was supported by colleagues Girish Bommakanti, Director (Global), Operations & Strategic Growth, Dr. Anju Aggarwal, Technical Head (Health Insurance & Innovation), and Komal Malhotra, Project Head, Digital Health.

The roundtable highlighted the transformative potential of ABDM in digitizing India’s healthcare ecosystem. By integrating digital platforms and developing robust infrastructure, ABDM aims to enhance data exchange among stakeholders, leading to better coordination and improved healthcare delivery across the country. The discussions underscored the importance of patient empowerment, data standardization, and the adoption of new technologies, such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, to streamline workflows and improve patient outcomes.

Keynote speeches and presentations provided valuable insights into the architecture and use cases of ABDM. The practical demonstration of ABDM’s components, including the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) ID, Health Facility Registry (HFR), Health Professional Registry (HPR), and Personal Health Record (PHR) apps, showcased the potential for enhanced efficiency, patient empowerment, and streamlined healthcare processes. The event also facilitated an open-floor moderated discussion, generating insights on the opportunities and benefits, as well as the challenges and barriers, faced by healthcare providers in integrating ABDM.