GLC4HSR holds a workshop on reforming surveillance systems

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The GLC4HSR held a two-day workshop on Building Back Better Surveillance Systems with the Tata Institute for Genetics and Society, India (TIGS) at the TIGS campus in Bengaluru. With over 100 in-person attendees and over 60 online attendees, the workshop proved to be a successful knowledge-sharing initiative.


The event brought together experts from various fields to discuss the critical importance of enhancing surveillance systems in today’s evolving landscape. It explored innovative surveillance strategies, the use of emerging technologies to improve surveillance and the growing importance of “One Health” to ensure that surveillance systems are integrated into mainstream surveillance practices and can serve society responsibly.

Some key takeaways included:

– There is a need to further strengthen and integrate wastewater surveillance
– Harnessing big data responsibly and ethically to strengthen surveillance
– We need to be cognizant of the domino effect of human health practices on climate and nature and the long-term repercussions they bring
– Careful intricacies need to be considered when approaching public health through the policy route especially as we look at the inter-functioning of the multiple departments and functions

A recording of the workshop can be viewed here.