GLC4HSR launches Bangladesh Country Chapter

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On July 26, The Global Learning Collaborative for Health System Resilience (GLC4HSR) launched the Bangladesh country chapter in partnership with Bangladesh Health Watch and the James P. Grant School of Public Health at BRAC University.

Dr. Krishna Reddy, President of ACCESS Health Asia, stressed the importance of collaboration in preparing for health shocks for both pandemic and everyday situations. He suggested making collaborative learning a cultural norm and expanding partnerships worldwide to strengthen collective efforts.

Other topics discussed at the launch included the urgent need for robust and adaptable health systems in the wake of the challenging lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and Bangladesh’s impressive 50-year journey in health systems through grassroots innovation, policy entrepreneurship, and socio-economic transformation.

The GLC4HSR is a cross-country initiative that brings together a network of health systems

experts, practitioners, and policymakers with a vision to build better, resilient health systems.

Country chapters will help the GLC4HSR establish its presence in diverse geographies, facilitating the ‘bottom-up’ learning journey from the local to global level and vice versa. Bangladesh is the second country chapter. Future country chapters will include Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

You can watch a recording of the launch event here.