NHA launches the System Integrators in Digital Health (SIDH) Program under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

The National Health Authority (NHA), Government of India has launched the System Integrators in Digital Health (SIDH) program to support hospitals and healthcare providers, under its flagship scheme Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM). ABDM is a large-scale national program that aims to create a digital ecosystem for healthcare providers and patients to ensure better access to healthcare services and improved data management. The use of ABDM-certified software for Health Management Information Systems/Electronic Medical Records by hospitals is crucial as it ensures standardized, secure, and efficient patient data management, thereby improving the quality of care.

As the dedicated partner for the SIDH Program, ACCESS Health International ensures sustained support for its successful implementation. Additionally, ACCESS Health plays a critical role in offering comprehensive guidance, monitoring, and support to all stakeholders involved in the SIDH Project

Program Overview:

SIDH empowers System Integrators (SIs) to collaborate with ABDM-certified HMIS/EMR vendors to promote the adoption of HMIS/EMR and ABDM in hospitals across the country.

What SIDH Offers:

  • Training in Digital Health & HMIS/EMR: SIs will receive comprehensive training to enhance their expertise in digital health and HMIS/EMR systems.
  • Resource & Tool Access: Participants gain access to a set of resources and tools developed specifically for this program, aiding them with program roll-out activities such as marketing, sales, implementation, etc.
  • Partnership Opportunities: SIs can partner with ABDM-certified HMIS/EMR vendors to drive sales and implementation of these systems in hospitals.
  • Support from SIDH Team: Our dedicated team provides support to SIs, assisting them in establishing relationships with hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Value Proposition for System Integrators:

  • Partnership with NHA: Opportunity to partner with NHA as an SI, contributing to the progress of digital health in India.
  • Business Expansion: Access to a new and expanding healthcare market, fostering growth opportunities for SIs.
  • Long-Term Hospital Partnerships: SIs can build long-term partnerships with hospitals and healthcare organizations, driving the adoption of HMIS/EMR systems.
  • Support & Guidance: Receive support from the SIDH team and NHA to cultivate relationships with hospitals and healthcare entities.

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