Bone Alliance Singapore

Founding Members:
AMKFSC Community Services Ltd
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
Osteoporosis Society Singapore
Society for WINGS
Dr. Kanwaljit Soin
Dr. Lau Tang Ching
Dr. Manju Chandran
AMGEN Biotechnology Singapore

Poor bone health affects 200 million older individuals globally and can lead to chronic pain, injury, disability, and premature death. In Singapore the number of hip fractures has been climbing steadily to one of the highest age adjusted rates in Asia. The impact from the disease goes far beyond the physical, often severely limiting a person’s ability to work, travel, and take part in daily activities.

Program Objectives:
ACCESS Health Singapore is driving a new bone health initiative as secretariat of the very first Bone Alliance in Singapore to improve awareness and to build new partnerships, ecosystems, and communities of practice for better bone health. In 2019, ACCESS Health and the Alliance partners held a signing ceremony where Alliance members committed to working together to create solutions that close the fracture gaps and to improve awareness of bone health and osteoporosis early identification and interventions.

The Bone Alliance works synergistically with the Health Futures Network, which is an ecosystem for healthcare innovation that includes healthcare providers, academia, and industry. ACCESS Health hopes that the formation of the Alliance will mark the beginning of meaningful multisectoral partnerships to affect real change in this very important health area.

Alliance members are focused on increasing preventive initiatives to preserve bone health, with an emphasis on early identification and timely intervention for high risk patients. Together they are working to build the evidence base around bone health and disseminating their research to inform policymaking and to improve the patient experience.