Fintech for Health

Donors and Partners:
MetLife Foundation

Out of pocket spending on healthcare costs is one of the greatest threats to financial security for people around the world. In 2019, ACCESS Health partnered with the MetLife Foundation to create a Fintech for Health Innovation Platform to help people pay for and access the care they need, when they need it.

Program Objectives:
The platform is focused on six markets across Asia: Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, Nepal, and Vietnam. The platform will generate knowledge on best practices and opportunities in fintech for health, improve engagement between fintech and healthcare industries, and facilitate multisectoral partnerships that will create finance solutions. These projects will be tested and scaled to help people pay for and afford the care they need, using digital financial services and a financial inclusion approach. The platform will also promote cross-sectoral innovation in healthcare access and affordability and conduct research on best practices of models blending finance services and healthcare innovations.

Over three years, the innovation platform will create and launch nine projects, reaching 500,000 low and moderate income people and their families. To read updates from our fintech for health work, visit the innovation platform website: