A hub for the organization’s work to disseminate best practices in health from around the globe.

The United States office coordinates and manages ACCESS Health's research on best practices, especially best practices from around the world that are applicable to strengthening health systems in the United States for people of all ages.


ACCESS Health USA has published five widely acclaimed books on best practices in health.

Among these publications is the Amazon bestseller World Class: Adversity, Transformation, and Success and NYU Langone Health. World Class offers an inside view into the remarkable turnaround of an underperforming medical center in New York City which was losing tens of millions of dollars and ranked in the bottom third of academic medical center hospitals for quality and safety just ten years ago. Today, the medical center delivers world class patient care and generates a substantial surplus. The US office is also publishing a series of new books on aging and elder care, based on best practices across Asia, northern Europe and the United States. You can read more about these books as part of our Excellence in Elder Care Flagship Initiative.


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