ACCESS Health Digital’s report provides valuable recommendations for the digital healthcare ecosystem in India

With a vision to make an impactful advancement in the provider ecosystem, ACCESS Health International has released an exhaustive report titled ‘Healthcare Industry – Provider Working Group Consultation & Recommendations’ to discuss and develop a majority agreement towards the exchange of health information in standardized formats towards fostering a digital healthcare ecosystem in India. The report was released last month and can be accessed here.

ACCESS Health Digital in India had formed three healthcare providers working groups towards the report. The objective of these working groups was to reach a majority-based agreement on sector-specific interoperability standards and present the results to the National Digital Health Mission [NDHM] for implementation and adoption of the National Digital Health Blueprint [NDHB] and thus creation of National Digital Health Ecosystem [NDHE]. After numerous, successful deliberations, ACCESS Health Digital compiled the final recommendations of these working groups, into the report.

The provider side working groups were convened by ACCESS Health Digital to achieve consensus on the foundational elements of such an eco-system and elicit what the industry players feel would contribute to a system that can meet the national policy goals in line with the universally accepted sustainable development goals framework.