ACCESS Health India Publishes Article on Primary Care Systems for the Future

ACCESS Health India partnered with the Health Systems Transformation Platform, Basic Health Care Services, and the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research to discuss how to design better primary healthcare systems for the future.

The India team brought together primary care experts, practitioners, and researchers to design key elements of primary healthcare models for the future. The consultative process was focused on key questions, including how healthcare should be financed and organized, how to assure quality of services, who will provide primary healthcare, and how big a role will technology play.

The group explored features of other primary healthcare models in Brazil, Turkey, and New Zealand, and existing models from rural and urban India. Based on discussions and the evidence shared, researchers recently published an article in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care that lays out a vision and components of a primary healthcare system in India for the future. Read the full article here.