Aging Care Industry: A Successful Second Online Session

On July 23rd, ASK Health and the Modern Aging Program, under Health Futures Innovation Platform and Phoefly Health Technology, jointly organized the second online session of PHBS-CJBS Global Pitch Competition, focusing on the topic of aging care.

Six high-quality projects were selected from the global registration projects to participate in this session. These projects covered several topics, including home care for the elderly, PCI post-operations management, orthopedics and sports rehabilitation, cognitive assessment management, mental and psychological VR medical rehabilitation programs, and cognitive impairment solutions.

The competition was adjudicated by 14 members, consisting of international specialists and investors. The judges evaluated the teams throughout the entire competition, conducting comprehensive and multi-dimensional reviews of the participating projects in terms of market conditions, solutions, business models, scalability, and team capabilities, in order to select teams for promotion.

ASK Health recommended one of the candidate teams for the competition and introduced several industry leaders as members of the panel judges. We believe the Global Pitch Competition will further enable the development of the aging care industry, both domestically and internationally.