ACCESS Health International signs SACH pledge for a sustainable future

ACCESS Health International has taken a step towards a sustainable and healthier future by signing the Sustainable Action for Climate and Health Initiative (SACH) pledge organized by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), PATH and Centre for Health Research and Innovation (CHRI). This initiative will bring together policymakers, urban bodies, the private sector, healthcare chains, development organizations, donors, philanthropies, community-based organizations, and innovators to promote cross-sectoral collaboration and improve climate and health outcomes.


Dr Uma Aysola, Director of Communications, Relations, and Partnerships represented ACCESS Health International at the event in New Delhi on November 17. Together, the signees of the pledge bring together their collective abilities to champion the climate and health agenda.


The pledge is a key component of the Sustainable Action for Climate and Health Initiative, designed to encourage private sector participation in raising awareness and committing resources to advance sustainable and healthy practices. This pledge will support and drive action by equipping private-sector corporations with resources and training to implement sustainable and health-focused practices.