Collaborative Community Engagement Initiative in Madhya Pradesh, India Enhances Birth Preparedness and Prevents Postpartum Haemorrhage


ACCESS Health International has successfully initiated a community engagement activity in collaboration with NICE Foundation and Jhpiego and supported by Unitaid to promote Safe Deliveries and prevent Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH), through an innovative Participatory Learning Approach (PLA) in Madhya Pradesh, India.

The participation and involvement of community members from various age groups were instrumental to the success of the PLA campaign. Adolescent girls, pregnant women, and mothers-in-law actively engaged in the awareness sessions, where they were educated about the essential steps for birth preparedness.

The field team effectively utilized placards and props to engage the community in understanding the importance of birth preparedness. Local leaders such as Sarpanch, Community Health Workers, Accredited Social Health Activists, Aanganwadi Workers, and teachers also played a vital role in organizing the event and spreading awareness.

Overall, the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved contributed to the success of the community engagement initiative. ACCESS Health is committed to promoting safe deliveries and maternal health in the region.

The team was fortunate to have the global principal investigator for the AMPLI-PPHI project, Dr. Hannah Tappis from Jhpiego, in attendance. She appreciated the efforts on the ground. Dr. Shrikant Kalaskar from ACCESS Health and Ms. Pooja Jupalli from NICE Foundation accompanied Dr. Tappis during her visit to the PLA activity and explained the process followed, along with Jhpiego colleagues Shiv Pratap Singh Dr. Nilima Katre, and Dr Chirag Bhola.