Uzbekistan & ACCESS Health collaborate to address Hepatitis C

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ACCESS Health International is pleased to announce a new collaboration to eliminate Hepatitis C in Uzbekistan. Our Regional Director, Dr. Hala Zaid, former Egyptian Minister of Health and Population, recently met with Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health, led by Minister Xudayarov Asilbek Anvarovich, to discuss a comprehensive strategy to combat this disease.

The discussions focused on several key areas:

  • Building Local Capacity: Enhancing the skills and capabilities of healthcare professionals in Uzbekistan.
  • Advocacy: Promoting the cause and raising awareness about Hepatitis C elimination.
  • Alignment with WHO Strategy: Ensuring efforts are in line with the World Health Organization’s elimination strategy.

A crucial part of this initiative is partnering with Uzbekistan’s Institute of Virology. Additionally, the possibility of establishing joint task forces and conducting operational studies was explored to further strengthen the collaboration.

An exciting aspect of the discussions was the potential to leverage Egypt’s pharmaceutical industry to secure access to essential medications. This could lead to the formation of a combined Uzbek-Egyptian task force and possibly the creation of manufacturing facilities within Uzbekistan. This collaboration between Uzbekistan and AHI aims to improve public health and address the challenge of Hepatitis C in the region. We at AHI are looking forward to moving forward with these promising developments and making a meaningful impact.