Announcing the 2020 ASK Health Futures Fellows

After a two-month selection through resumes screening and interviews, 12 outstanding future young talents from top domestic and international universities stood out from over 100 applicants, and officially became members of the 2020 ASK Health Futures Fellowship program. On June 19th, we officially announced the fellow list through a WeChat post.

 In the coming year, they will:

  • Participate in ASK Health’s ongoing research and consulting projects; learn to get work done; learn the latest development trends and innovative approaches of the Health industry.
  • Form a community where they can learn and share the most cutting-edge theories as well as practice and exchange valuable insights. Through brainstorming among fellows with different backgrounds, they can broaden their horizons and deepen their knowledge.
  • Participate in forums, and networking events organized by ASK Health, where they can get in touch with industry leaders and academic experts to get better preparation for their future career.