ASK Health Launches the “Ankang Magnolia” Project at the “Bo’ao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum”

On June 4th, the second “Bo’ao for Asia Global Health Forum (GHF)” was held in Qingdao. This year, one sub-forum addressed the theme of “Integrating Health into All Policies — Utilizing Health Insurance to Promote Greater Health Management”. In this sub-forum, ASK Health along with the Fudan University Department of Health Finances, debuted their Nantong “Ankang Magnolia” project with the support of Pfizer, Ping An, and other collaborating institutions.

The goal of “Ankang Magnolia” is to advocate for the advantages of city supplementary commercial health insurance, to explore additional health management models to strengthen existing commercial insurance products, and to promote the “Nantong Model” as an optimal, innovative model which integrates commercial health insurance with healthcare management.

Overall, ASK Health hopes that “Ankang Magnolia” will serve as a starting point to increase public health awareness, improve patient management, enhance the quality of life, and will ultimately support the development of commercial health insurance to reach the goal set forth by “Healthy China 2030” as soon as possible.